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  • BREATHING APPARATUS jual BREATHING APPARATUS Self Containing Breathing Apparatus oksigen pernafasan alat bantu pernafasan dalam api.

BREATHING APPARATUS BREATHING APPARATUS Self Containing Breathing Apparatus Oksigen Pernafasan Alat Bantu Pernafasan Dalam Api.

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11 / 12 / 2019
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ABADI UTAMA GLODOK Kami Menjual Fire Protection Engineering, Safety Equipment Center, Multimeter, Engineering Plastik, Heater, Industrial Materials dan General Trading yang berkualitas bagus dan harga murah / bersaing / terjangkau.

Detail BREATHING APPARATUS Jual BREATHING APPARATUS Self Containing Breathing Apparatus Oksigen Pernafasan Alat Bantu Pernafasan Dalam Api.

BREATHING APPARATUS Self Containing Breathing Apparatus SELF CONTAINT BREATHING APPARATUS SCBA Completer set Spesifikasi Breathing Apparatus HYPRO standard SOLAS 1974 2000 and GA124 Material Steel Grade cylinder Operating Pressure 30Mpa Gas Valve 300L min with best price at ABADI UTAMA GLODOK 085691398333. Pressure reducing Valve Output Pressure 0.65 0.2 Mpa Operating Pressure of Middle Pressure relief Valve It is air tight when the outpur pressure is less than 0.85Mpa.It 1.0 1.2Mpa Alarm pressure of Remaining gas Alarm 5 6Mpa Exhale Resistance 30L min 687 pa Opening Pressure of gas Valve 980 pa Full face Mask Backplate w harness Lung Demand Valve Pressure Gauge Reducer Valve Warning Whistle Carrying Case It is widely used in the field of fire fighting chemical industry petroleum industry shipping laboratory mines and metallurgy warehouses etc.. Protecting fire fight from smoke fumes andtoxic gases. Providing respiratory protection from airborne workplace hazards. The productshas been both inspected and approved by the national quality testing center and the Register of Shipping CCS .The new model with smaller size higher positive pressure lower respiratory resistance more convenient for maintenance contains the hand button and bypass assembly. When the switch of the cylinder valve is opened you must close the air port push the hand button inwardly This product provides user with a qualified air tight face mask which possess wild mission . The air supply set provides user with a new model of stable demand valve with the properties of smaller size and lighterweight. The backboard is made of qualified stress material. The cylinder containing high pressure of air possesses a proper safe parameter. The pressure reducing valve assembly provides an alarm which whistles at certain range of air pressure to warn user to leave the dangerous area in time. Hub Mia 0856 9139 8333 210 40911748. Email mia_ brsinaga@
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