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  • GasBadge Pro DS2 Docking [ 1246-1810630}

GasBadge Pro DS2 Docking [ 1246-1810630}

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Detail GasBadge Pro DS2 Docking [ 1246-1810630}

GasBadge Pro DS2 Docking [ 1246-1810630] The DS2 Docking Station provides the ultimate flexibility for managing your gas monitors wherever you use them. Two-way wireless and/ or Ethernet connectivity enables you to link up to 100 stand-alone Instrument Docking Stations ( IDSs) from remote locations anywhere in your facility and relay the data back to one central database for total instrument management. A graphical user interface tool allows an administrator to view operations on each Docking Station from a network computer, making it easy to track instruments, print reports, set events and change parameters for any location. The DS2 gives you all of the benefits of consistent automated calibration, record keeping, battery recharging, and instrument diagnostics for your monitors to limit your liabilities and safety hazards. Each individual IDS features a multilingual display, three status LEDs, a keypad and an audible alarm to provide important instrument details at a single glance. The DS2, which can be easily grouped into ‘ clusters’ of up to 5 units to share calibration gas, also offers optional iGas capability to automatically identify calibration gas cylinder concentrations, lot numbers, and expiration dates on the system. Whether you manage one gas monitor or an entire fleet, the DS2 provides superio Hub Mia 0856 9139 8333
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