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Fire Blanket, Selimut Anti Api, Selimut Pemadam Kebakaran, Fire Blanket.

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10 / 12 / 2019
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ABADI UTAMA GLODOK Kami Menjual Fire Protection Engineering, Safety Equipment Center, Multimeter, Engineering Plastik, Heater, Industrial Materials dan General Trading yang berkualitas bagus dan harga murah / bersaing / terjangkau.

Detail Fire Blanket, Jual Selimut Anti Api, Selimut Pemadam Kebakaran, Fire Blanket.

Jual Fire Blanket , Jual Selimut Anti api , Selimut Pemadam kebakaran , Fire Blanket Industrial Materials fiberglassFiberglass Colour: White, Brown Shape: Cloth, Tape Fiberglass woven material comes in many forms. They are mostly used as a replacement for asbestos material. Fiberglass is particularly suitable for applications contained within a dust-free environment. It is a good insulator and has an excellent high temperature resistance. Specially heat-treated fiberglass ( HT800) are particularly suitable for use in applications where the material is expected to come in direct contact with high temperature objects. For example, HT800 is the excellent choice for welding barriers. Also available is fiberglass cloth coated with silicone. Due to the silicone coating, this material is very suitable in applications requiring weather- and chemical-resistance. , Hub : mia_ brsinaga@ Phone 085691398333, 021-40911748
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