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Inverter - Invertek

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Detail Inverter - Invertek

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Invertek Optidrive P2 IP20 4kW 400V 3ph - AC Inverter Drive Speed Controller with Braking

Invertek Optidrive P2 IP20 Series AC Inverter for 4kW (5.5HP) 400V 3 Ph motor to 9.5A. Operates in VxF, Sensorless Vector or Full Closed-loop Flux Vector (when the optional Encoder Feedback card is fitted). Converts fixed frequency Three Phase 400V input to variable frequency 400V to control the speed of a standard AC induction motor or permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Size 2: 112mm Wide x 185mm Deep x 211mm High. IP20.
Weight: 1.8kg.

Overload: 150% x 60 seconds
Speed Control Range: 0-500Hz.
Braking - To 100 Ohm Minimum, 160 Ohm Maximum external resistor (not supplied) - see the resistor Options linked below or use the 'Which Resistor' button on this page.

Standard 7 Segment LED Display
2 Analogue Inputs, 3 Digital Inputs, 2 Analogue/Digital Outputs, 2 Relay Contact Sets. Additional I/O expansion options are available – see linked products below.
DC Bus terminals for DC supply or common bus energy saving applications.
Terminals for Safe Torque Off (EN62061 SIL Level 2), RJ45 RS-485/Modbus RTU/CANopen communications socket.
Input Current: 11.2A
Input Voltage: 380-480V Three Phase ±10% at 50-60Hz ±5%
EMC Filters: IEC EN61800-3:2004 Category C2/C3 (Industrial).

Wall mount in clean environment or cubicle mount.
Rated 50°C Ambient.
Ventilation space in front: [Not Specified]
Ventilation space above and below: 75mm
Ventilation space at sides: 50mm
Mounting via 4 x slotted holes at rear for M4 screws on 63mm x 209mm centres.

Manufacturer Part Number is ODP-2-24400-3KF42-SN
Made in the UK.


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